DAYS WITH MY DADDY - A Story of Reconciliation Between a Girl & Her Father (PRE-ORDER)

DAYS WITH MY DADDY - A Story of Reconciliation Between a Girl & Her Father (PRE-ORDER)

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Part I: The Early Days 

Day 1 – September 18, 2015

Day 1 Flashback – Beauty for Ashes 



My daddy was dying, and I didn’t even know it.

He didn’t raise me.

Physically absent.

Emotionally unavailable.

Yet, he was one of a kind.

And eventually we were two peas in a pod – stuck together during his final days.

Initially the circumstances mandated it. Then, my heart shifted, and I wholeheartedly welcomed it. 

A story yet unfolding as I recount the memories that I pray as you read will cause those neglected and complicated places in your own heart to blossom and bloom.

I had no way of knowing what was on the horizon when I went to be with him in South Carolina.

But when I leaned into the process, with reckless abandon, sacrificing my desires and my life for my father’s well-being as his full-time caregiver, things transitioned into a beautiful, blossoming daddy-daughter story of forgiveness and reconciliation.

The dichotomy of a daddy-daughter bond is indescribable. Ours was just that.

Boy, do I miss him. I just wish we had more time.

My prayer is that you discover and employ your own level of reconciliation, forgiveness, and love filled joy in your life and relationships as you read our story.

Welcome to Days with My Daddy.

I hope you enjoy.

With Love, 

Alicia Joy